August is fully loaded. It seems just when I think things are quietening down, they ramp up again. I can’t complain. Making hay while the sun shines. Just that there’s a lot of sun and a lot of hay this month! Check it out.

1st August CK and the 45s hit Manly. We’ll be playing at Market Lane. A fun evening with lots to do, and see, and listen to us rock out with some fast and loud country hits we grew up listening to.

We’ll be on from 7:30PM onwards!

Next up I’ll be celebrating International Blues Day, heading down to Wagga and playing bass for Tony Cini and his Ginhouse Blues Band on the 3rd of August. Head in for a full afternoon and evening of bloody good blues music. We’ll be sharing the stage with Jules Boult and the Redeemers, Genevieve Chadwick, and more! The entire event kicks off from 3PM onwards.

Home for a second. Long enough to kiss my lady. Then off to rehearsals for our big gig at the Enmore Theatre, but more on that later…. I’ll be heading up to Newcastle right after a full day of rehearsals with my bro Kristen Lee Morris. We’re blowing the roof off the Stagg and Hunter in Mayfield on the 10th of August. Loud begins at 7PM

Staying in Newy that night, we’ll then have a sneaky hit in the recording studio to lay down some new tunes, then I race home to get ready to go back to Country and Western, but not with CK…. with Blake Dantier and the Smokin’ Guns, back from the US and ready to rock.

The place? Aunty Jacks, Katoomba, the day? Sunday 11th August. The time? 6PM

Finally, heading into the Enmore Theatre to get your funk on and get your best dancing up. I cannot wait to play this show. I’ve been looking forward to once again sharing the stage with these amazing stars like Pauline Henry (The Chimes), Denise Person, and Kym Mazelle, and my good mates Paul McDonald and Brad Christmas.

This is going to be a down and dirty night of disco. Tickets are selling fast. I heard there are less than 100 left.

Sadly, due to rehearsal and preparations for Studio 54, I will sadly be missing my usual 3rd Thursday Psycho-Chacha sessions at the Ivanhoe, Blackheath with Rachael Brady and the Moonshine Special.

Working with MarkBass, I have now for the first time ever received the opportunity and invitation to facilitate my first ever Bass Workshop on the 28th of August at Bambam Music. Come down to check out what’s new in the world of Markbass and learn about their exciting new amps. I recently received my 2X15 Classic Cab (152 SH) along with a striking new amp, the Little Marcus 800.

I’ve been a MarkBass player for 11 years, and it’s great to be working with a bass amp maker that I’ve been relying on for 1/3rd of my career.

The workshop begins at 7PM. Please contact Bambam Music on 02 9831 5101 or

To cap off the hectic month, I’ll be back with my Country Western hombres, CK and the 45s on the 30th August at Mr. Watkins Bar in Penrith. We’ll be in Duo Mode, stomping out our favourite Country Western hits acoustically. Cam will be playing flat top while I churn out the low notes on the big double bass.

What an insanely busy month! YEAAHHHH