November rocked out with some great tours and plenty of local performances. December is going to rock some more.

Further news other than performing is that I am proud to have launched my new YouTube channel this month. Production is a learning process, so I’m still making great, low quality videos. As I grow and learn more, I’ll likely buy a better camera and microphone. For now, it’s all about my technical side. The videos showcase what I get up to when I’m not touring. I love repairing guitars and amps. I love setting up instruments and making them play well and sound well. I love working on tube amps and getting them glowing again.

However, there won’t be much time for playing with electronics this month.

Check out where we’ll be playing this month. There’s loads on. Check it out!

2nd Dec
Pennant Hills Golf Club
Rock, Funk, Soul and Blues
7:30PM till LATE

3rd Dec
CK & the 45’s – Line Dancing – Beer – Whiskey
The Bearded Tit
4PM to 7PM

7th Dec
The Snakemen providing some Low and Slow blues for the dancers.
The Different Drummer

8th Dec
CK & the 45’s – Fast Country – 3 chords and a smack in the face.
Gasoline Pony
8PM to 10PM

26th Dec – Boxing Day
Toni Cini’s Arc Riders – Rockin’ Blues and Soulful Ballads
Sydney Harbour Cruise

30th and 31st
Linda Mizzi & Band
Gulgong Folk Festival