It’s post Tamworth and post Christmas, and post New Years. February is finally a bit of a quieter month for me. So I try and take this opportunity to take time off.

Unfortunately that time off begun at 3 weeks off, then it became 2 weeks off. Then one week. Now it’s just 5 days.

But I am still going to make the best of it before I run right back into the fire and keep touring and performing for you beautiful people.

So, what does February have in store? Not too much, but what we do have is exciting.

7th of Feb, Rachael Brady will beat the Rock Lily Lounge in the Star Casino, Sydney. Times will soon be updated soon, and check the usual Facebook and Instagram posts to keep updated.

This is followed by the 17th of Feb for an amazing show at Auntie Jack’s in Katoomba. This show will be recorded for audio and video. So get your tickets early, buy yourself the best outfit you money can buy and shake, rattle and roll up to Katoomba for spectacular evening.

Soon after, we will once again head up to the New Ivanhoe Hotel, Blackheath.

Believe it or not, that is pretty much it for February, for now. Stay updated for any changes. I will be adding show start times as soon as I am updated with that information.