Having returned from Melbourne, the fun began before I even left. Storms lashed Sydney airport and caused my flight to be delayed a few hours, with the aeroplane being stuck in Melbourne. Once it begun heading up to Sydney, the storms shut down our airport entirely. Causing all flights in the air to circle. Our plane was almost out of fuel and got diverted to Newcastle, where it sat for hours.

Once it was announced that the flight was to return to Sydney, the crew were relieved due to their extended hours of flying already lapsing. I was at Sydney airport at 10:30am. I boarded my flight and took off, arriving in Melbourne at 10:30pm. Noting that it took longer to fly down than it did to drive.

I missed seeing Ben Wicks, one of Melbourne’s busiest, most wanted and highly talented bassists, who also happens to be my Doppelgänger. He was playing his residency at the The Catfish, Fitzroy VIC. The show was over when I landed in Melbourne. A huge disappointment, and the only reason I left for Melbourne on the Wednesday instead of the Friday. I did finally get to meet up with Ben at his favourite café a few days later for lunch where the vegetarian dish had bacon on it. That’s weird! This trip was a comedy of errors of which I laugh at while I type.

I did also get the opportunity to meet up with Joseph Price at Soxy Music. He is arguably one of Australia’s, if not, at least Melbourne’s most talented luthier and guitar maker, and a good friend who isn’t shy about sharing his amazing knowledge for guitars and other instruments. He and I shared hours of laughs, horror stories, and ideas about the future of our careers. He has inspired me to do something I have never done before, but that’s a secret for now.

So, what shows are on this month?

A quick last minute performance has cropped up from Cam Kinsey in CK and the 45’s happening July 1st from 9PM till Midnight at the Old City Bank – Katoomba.

The Snakemen have been given a month residency at The Different Drummer, Glebe NSW. We are helping out The Sweet Jelly Rolls while they’re away. The Different Drummer (in its prior guise) has a history as Sydney’s first to have a liquor license that allowed them to be open until 3am. When the party was over everywhere else in town, people piled into the Different Drummer to continue the party long after mum and dad’s bedtime. We are very excited to be performing there every Wednesday in July.

The Snakemen will also be back at Parramatta again to enjoy the Farmers Market, as well as making a debut appearance at Bar No. 5

Another last minute call came through to perform at the Annandale Hotel this Saturday evening from 7:30PM with Taya Chani. Come down and check out her amazingly soft, beautiful voice.

Bek Jensen’s residency at The Old City Bank has been pushed back only for July. We’ll be performing there on the 29th of July. Come in from the cold and into the warmth that the staff provide at the OCB.

CK and the Forty Fives
at Old City Bank
Katoomba St, Katoomba
1st July
9PM to Midnight

The Snakemen
at The Different Drummer
185 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Wednesday 5th July
12th July
19th July
26th July
8PM to 10PM

Taya Chani
at The Annandale Hotel
17 Parramatta Road, Annandale
Saturday 8th July
7:30PM to 10:30PM

The Snakemen
at Bar No. 5
5 McCauley St, Alexandria
Sunday 9th July
3PM to 5PM

The Snakemen
at Parramatta Farmers Markets
Church Street
14th July
11AM to 2PM

The Snakemen
at Westies Markets
Church Street
16th July
10AM to 1PM

The Snakemen
at Chatswood Mall Markets
Church Street
27th July
3:30PM to 5:30PM

Bek Jensen and Band
at Old City Bank
Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW
29th July
9PM to Midnight