A little late to the scene this month as I’ve been away in rural Australia for a little over two weeks, returning home for a couple of days, then I am off to Melbourne for a week. Sadly, with my flight home Saturday afternoon, now Saturday night, I am likely to miss out of my Old City Bank gig with Michael Wheatley and the Dirty Carpet Disco Band.

However, as sad as I am about that, because being mad won’t fix that problem, I will be back at the Old City Bank with Bek Jensen as well as a few performances with The Snakemen at our frequent friends Wayward Brewing Company, and Parramatta Farmers Markets. As usual, gig details are below.

Melbourne should be exciting this trip as I will be staying with an old High School friend and seeing Ben Wicks, one of Melbourne’s busiest, most wanted and highly talented bassists, who also happens to be my Doppelgänger. He’ll be playing at the The Catfish, Fitzroy VIC. on Wednesday the 8th June. Check out Ben’s Facebook for show times.

I’ll also be meeting up with Joseph Price at Soxy Music. One of Melbourne’s most talented luthiers and a good friend who isn’t shy about sharing his amazing knowledge for guitars and other instruments.

Not to mention hanging out with my good friends at Melbourne Backline, Rob and Kitty. I have always trusted them with all my instrument transportation around the country.

The Snakemen
Parramatta Farmers Markets
16th June
11AM to 2PM

Bek Jensen and Band
Old City Bank
Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW
17th June
9PM to Midnight

The Snakemen
Wayward Brewing Co.
18th June
4:30PM to 7:30P

I always love seeing familiar and friendly faces enjoying live music. Pick a gig and bring your friends.