Future giggers! More stuff has come through. It’s been a very exciting month. As previously shown, I have been busy behind the scenes. That hasn’t changed. However, more gigs have been added to the menu.

As such, you can scroll down and see the lowdown, or read on for details.

After Linda Mizzi’s first appearance at The Old City Bank with her new band and newly released album, on to the next performance which will be a private party where CK & the 45s will be kicking off some western swing for some country lovers.

Then we stretch out to the 25th of November where I have been asked to join Rachael Brady & the Moonshine Special to perform in her amazing list of shows starting from 6PM at Auntie Jack’s Katoomba.

Then on to the 29th of November at Miss Peaches with Rachael Brady and her amazing band.

That’s November done!

The gigs!
Linda MizziOld City Bank

16 Nov – 9PM to 11PM

CK & the 45s – Private Function

Rachael Brady & the Moonshine SpecialAuntie Jacks

25th Nov – 6PM to 8PM

Rachael Brady & the Moonshine SpecialMiss Peaches

29th Nov – 7:30PM till LATE