Can we top last months gigs? Sure can. We have some amazing stuff in store this November.

We begin on the 3rd of November in Newcastle with the final USO Variety Show. Tickets are available HERE. This performance showcases the talents of Procelain Rose with her amazing crew of dancers and entertainers a-like.  The show will be at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Newcastle beginning from 7PM.

Heading into the 16th of November, Linda Mizzi will be performing at the Old City Bank. This will be Linda’s first appearance at the OCB and I look forward to heading into the cosy room with not a bass, but a guitar!!!! Never played guitar there. So that should be fun. We’ll be starting our songs from 9PM. Come and enjoy a cold beer or a fine wine.

Feels quiet? Maybe. However, there’s so much happening behind the scenes.

Firstly, a couple of huge announcements are coming soon. Recordings, instruments, studio time, rehearsals for more huge shows coming up. Rehearsals begin for some big shows in December, which will be announced soon.

Also, more shows in January 2019. We’ll be heading to Tamworth. That’s right! Look out for that news.

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