While I updated you with my live performances coming up this month, it appeared that there wasn’t a lot on. What I decided to do was to now create two updates a month. One that is purely a gig guide. This update will have nothing but news on the latest gigs I will be performing. However, this update is more about the other happenings in my life.

They will essentially still be music related, no doubt. However what you will be reading about here is the stuff that happens behind the scenes. Rehearsals, practice sessions and tips, the struggles of a full time musician, and more.

So, without waffling on more about what this is, let’s get on with it.

November. Hi, how you doing? It’s been a year since I’ve seen you. I see that a lot has happened since we last saw each other. So, what’s going on?

Well, in between the gigs that we’ve got coming up, there’s a couple of rehearsal sessions coming up. I’ll be rehearsing with Linda Mizzi in preparation for our first ever appearance with her at the Old City Bank. While I’m no newbie to the venue, it will be the first time I’ve performed there with Linda, and it will also be the first time I have ever performed there on guitar. I’ve been contemplating my amp and guitar choice. While it appears there are two guitars in my arsenal that seem to fit really well with Linda’s music, the white Strat and the red Epiphone 335. I am a bit stumped for amps. The lowly little Strauss SRT-15 is great, but if it had a few more Watts, I’d get a little more clean headroom. Isn’t that the all-encompassing problem? More power? I have a few amps to choose from, so I will be playing her stuff in the studio using different amps until I am happy with the sound I need.

While it hasn’t been officially announced here yet, I will also be joining Metropolis Touring again for another amazing show. This time it’ll be the ABBA Spectacular shows in Melbourne and Sydney. The Melbourne show kicks off on the 14th December at the Palais Theatre in St. Kilda. George Ellis, one Australia’s most admired conductors, composers and orchestrators will lead a 40 Piece Symphony Orchestra as they pay loving tribute to ABBA. The acclaimed 14 Voice Melbourne Pop Choir join the Orchestra, highlighting both the music and the symphonic harmonisation of ABBA’s vocal melodies.

This will be a fun evening. So Melbourne friends, grab your tickets and enjoy a great night.

If Sydney is more your vibe, GOOD NEWS! We’ll be bringing the show to Sydney the following evening.

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Melbourne – 14th Dec 2018
Sydney – 15th Dec 2018

So, I sort of mentioned that I’ll be playing in Tamworth in January. I’ll be hitting those 1 & 5’s like a monster at the 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival. Accommodation was rocky, but we’ve grab ourselves a spot. We’ll be heading up there with our mates The Sweet Jelly Rolls and kicking Tamworth right in the guts with our hard hitting Western Swing. Dance, Sing along, and boot scoot to our great songs. Stay hydrated, Tamworth gets hot.

Now’s the moment where I think about buying a private plane. Because while I will be performing all week in Tamworth, I will have a few days off. However, that doesn’t mean I get to relax. I’ll be driving to Sydney, hopping on an aeroplane, heading to Melbourne and hitting the Palais Theatre yet again, followed by Sydney the next night, then hopping in the car and driving back to Tamworth to continue the Western Swing shenanigans.

Rest? Nope.