With the Sydney Opera House Disco Spectacular show been and gone, it sure was an amazing night. Photos are filtering through from some friends and fans, as well as more from professional photographer David Vagg.

You can definitely check more of his beautifully captured moments in his Instagram Page. Here are some of his shots from the Sydney Opera House below.

My most favourite and memorable part of the evening are too many to talk about in one breath. However, having Norma Jean Wright (formerly of CHIC) announce right after my bass solo in Everybody Dance that I played the song just like Bernard Edwards was both an immense honour and a huge surprise for this white boy from the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Fortunately, my youth spent growing up in the United States had a huge part in this. Thank you Norma Jean Wright. It was amazing to groove with you in front of 2400 Disco Fans!

To top it off, Cynthia Johnson of Lipps Inc. approached me and asked “Do you need that in front of you?” as she pointed to my music stand. I said “No, I don’t“, to which she came back with “Well, get out here and boogie with me“. What a way to end the evening on our penultimate song.

Cynthia Johnson – courtesy of David Vagg Photography


November updates will be on their way in the next week or so, followed with more huge news for December, just in time to round off the amazing year this has been.

I have saved the best till last. I’d like to thank a whole stack of people from Musical Director and amazingly talented guitarist, Paul McDonald. I’d also like to thank all my friends who supported me, believed in me and helped me achieve this amazing goal. I’d also like to especially thank Katoomba Music for their support and in helping supply me with any necessary musical instruments and accessories I needed.