“Stefano filled in for us at short notice and it really helped us out of a jam. He was punctual, looked the part and was easy to work with” – Simon Morel – Soul Messengers

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Stefano Cosentino for over year now, and in that time I have seen him in duo mode, in full band mode and in bandleader mode. I have also rehearsed and performed with him. It is a measure of my great respect for his professionalism, creativity and positive, cheerful attitude that he was at the top of my list when I recently called for players for a new project. I look forward to as long a musical relationship as possible with Stefano.” – John Hardaker – The JDH Revival Band

“Stefano helped mixing sound for me for my very first live acoustic solo performance in November of 2014. Being the ‘newbie’ that I was I had no idea what I was doing, but Stefano made things clear and easy to understand for me and put my mind at ease. He showed up on time, well presented and enthusiastic to be a part of my new endeavour. Never once during the night did I worry about a thing, knowing I was in capable and professional hands. Since then I have utilitsed Stefano’s services on multiple occasions and have always left satisfied. His focus is entirely on his client and he always delivers! Very happy and can’t wait to work with him again!”  – Aliyah Marie – Aliyah Marie Music

“Stefano came to the venue I worked at and produced THE BEST TONE WE HAVE HEARD here at Modus Operandi. He melted faces and warmed hearts. Great blues, great tone, great times. This is the guy you want on the strings. Give him a call!” – Alexander Levi – Modus Operandi Brewery

“Stefano Cosentino is an amazing person.  I lack the vocabulary to express my admiration and gratitude, as he has helped me in business, teaching and as a professional musician mentor. We have been colleague teachers over the years, and I honestly trust in Stefano’s advice and warm, generous friendship. Stefano is a great teacher, very patient yet strict. Therefore students progress and get productive results. I have learned and implement many of the strategies he uses to get students practising and learn faster.

Stefano takes live performance very seriously.  He is a respected live musician and the thought of performing on stage with Stefano is very exciting and motivational for me. Stefano works with the highest quality musical instruments and gear.  I enjoy listening to the expression in his musicianship. Stefano displays a certain creativity when interpreting versions of songs and tunes.  It’s very refreshing to listen to

Stefano is surprisingly multi-skilled in many areas, in particularly live music. I admire his professionalism and positive attitude. For Stefano there is no “mañana”, in other words the right time to ‘live and do’ is now.

I had to learn Ukulele fast.  I thought it would take months.  Stefano assisted me to learn quickly and conduct group workshops skilfully in two weeks instead of two months.

Stefano loves to perform and jam.  His passion for music, his musicianship and quality friendships is contagious. I always look forward to reading his posts and seeing his photos.  Catching up with Stefano for a chat, hanging out and jamming is always a pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend his services any time.” – Lalo Parez – G4 Guitar School Glenfield

“Working with Stefano has never been anything but extremely positive. Personally, he had always been warm, friendly and kind. Professionally he is reliable, dedicated, punctual and completely dependable. He is an incredibly passionate and talented musician, and solid as a rock. If only they could all be like him! Simply put, he’s ‘the man.'”  – Bonnie Kay – Bonnie Kay and the Bonafides

“Stefano is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. He stepped in and saved the day when we had a performer pull out last minute and ensured he was prompt and prepared at all rehearsals and was courteous and supportive of everyone involved in the show. We hope to have Stefano be a part of Darkside Dance Collective again in the future.” – Porcelain – Porcelain Productions.

“I’ve know Stefano for many years now, and throughout that whole time he has shown me to not only be a genuinely nice person, but above all a consummate musical professional.

As a performer he excels in his playing ability, and I have time and again utilised his services as a musician in my various projects. With shifting line ups of players that I have personally hand picked and put together myself, Stefano has become one of my “go to” musicians. Able to to learn vast amounts of material in a short amount of time and limited rehearsal, one of his greatest qualities is his ability to just slip into any given line up and gel with all the other players seamlessly. Having not only shared the stage with him but also having witnessed him playing live in other projects, Stefano shines as a wonderful and charismatic performer.

Add to this his vast musical and technical knowledge, Stefano has also offered me professional advice, helped me source and purchase equipment, and repaired gear that I have used and abused for way too long. His rates have been fair and competitive, and he has often exceeded expectations with his prompt and reliable service.

I would not think twice in recommending Stefano and his services. He is reliable, punctual, a great communicator, technically proficient and a skilfully creative player. Truly passionate people are hard to come by, and Stefano is one of the rare gems. – Luis Rojas – Mechanical Black, Shanghai, The Red Room

“My name is Dave Aston; I am a decent drummer, with 25 years experience in all sorts of situations. My initial meeting with Stefano was in unusual circumstances. We were both doing out first gig backing an excellent singer/guitarist. Neither of us had rehearsed. We met as we were setting up on the night. But, Stefano sounded so great, played with such awesome time and feel, and nailed every tune with such poise and confidence that I could only enjoy the experience. A superb bassist and a funny, smart and easygoing guy too. Thanks, Stefano!” – Dave Aston

“I know this guy quite well. First met him when we played a show together at the Brass Monkey back in 2013. Stef as a member of ‘The Snakemen’, and me with wards Xpress. He and I stayed in touch, and I feel the richer for having done so. He also took some guitar lessons from me. The guy can play, so still wondering why he did that. Honest, reliable, and a great story-teller. Rock on!” – Ross Ward – Ward’s X-Press

“Stefano has recently been bringing his instruments to me for some technical lovin’. He’s clearly an open and honest guy with whom it’s outrageously pleasant to do business. Knowing that a person’s playing reflects their personality, I’m already a fan.” – Les Rankin – Les Rankin Guitar Repairs

“Having shared a billing with Stefano and watching him perform with ease and elegance, I appreciate the mastery he has of his craft. Blues to rock, soul to jazz, his skill is matched with his passion, and this combination cannot help but deliver aural fire.” – like JH, love to jam sometime mate – Len Phillips

“Stefano plays well, teaches well, and writes well. He is a skilled, knowledgeable, and talented musician… And a wonderful person” – Riley Tipton Perry – Mechanical Black, Shanghai