It’s always a bittersweet feeling getting to play music on my birthday. However, this year I will be travelling to the Wild West of NSW on the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Though in the meantime, here’s a run through what’s happening in September at a venue near you.

CK and the 45s will be heading down to Bargo for the 1st of September for Dad’s Day Out at Bargo Sports Club. The hits roll on from 10AM

Surprise gig was lined up on Monday the 2nd of September with Kristen Lee Morris & the Dirty Snakes where we are to play 2 hours of powerhouse Swamp Boogie to fans of Sailor Jerry launching their new line of rums. Yum yum! A debauched night from 7PM at Rambling Rascal, Sydney CBD.

6th of September, Blake Dantier will be at the Old City Bank from 9PM

A much missed rockabilly evening at the Ivanhoe, Blackheath will return, with Rachael Brady and the Moonshine Special on the 19th of September at our back to usual 6:30PM start.

21st of September, I’ll be back at the Old City Bank, but this time rocking the dirty swamp blues with Kristen Lee Morris and the Dirty Snakes. Gets swampy at 9PM

20th September, CK and the 45s at Blackheath Bar & Bistro. This is our first time there, so we’re looking forward to blowing the doors off the place. There’s a huge dancing area and fun times are to be had. Looking forward to seeing some booty shaking going on here.

Rachael Brady and the Moonshine Special then hit the Lakeside Lunch at the International Regatta Centre, Penrith at 2:30PM. This should be a fun, refreshing performance and a great day for everyone to come out and enjoy some sunshine that Spring has to offer us.

Then I am finally off to Orange for my Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride supporting research and awareness to Prostate Cancer, and depression amongst men. I don’t want to discount all other forms of depression in all living beings. But it seems that with men in particular, we are generally raised to have a stiff upper lip and bottle in our emotions. Well, men have the highest rate of suicide due to depression because its shun upon to talk about their feelings. Speaking with a friend help, but obviously professional help is best. Though it’s often men who don’t seek it from peers or professionals.

Cancer has run in my family and while the men in my family have all died from heart related issues, the women have died from cancer related issues. As a man, I am aware of both these concerns and do my best to live a good, healthy life. But nothing will replace the science and research that goes into helping solve the health issues we are all susceptible to in today’s day and age.

At the time of writing this, I have almost reached the half way point in both funds and how long I have before I begin my journey. I’ve provided a link to My Profile to the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Please feel free to donate what you can. Anything over $2 in Australia is Tax Deductible. However, check with your local accountant if you are from outside Australia.