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Fican Guitars and Stefano

I’m proud to announce that Fican Guitars and myself have teamed up. There are great guitar luthiersĀ out there. Some of the finest guitars in the world are made right here in Australia however. Therefore...

The Snakemen in Oatley – Skeeta & Jacks

The Snakemen will be at Skeeta & Jacks bar Oatley NSW on Sunday 9th of August from 6pm. Swing by, eat, dance, drink to some dirty, gritty blues music.

Zack & the Resonators

Stefano will be performing rhythm and lead guitar for Zack & the Resonators 8th of August at Riley’s Hotel in Thirroul 8PM.

Melbourne, food, photos, friends

I’m on a trip to Melbourne to get some work done. However, having been so busy in Sydney, I decided to take a leisurely pace and stop along the way. Staying with a great...