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Important Information

What happens when you ask Stefano you perform with you? What are some of the things I should know when I ask Stefano to record on my album or EP?

Sadly, when things go unsaid, there’s a lot of confusion. Let’s avoid that whole thing and make good music.

So, what happens when you ask me to perform on stage with you?
Firstly, I will need to know the dates and location of your event. I will need a copy of your songs so I can hear them first. If you have any chord charts, they help. However I can create my own charts if necessary. Then we confirm the dates, confirm the setlist, and I will arrange a time to come and see you to rehearse through the songs usually a few days prior to the event. Once the event is over, you will receive an invoice from me for the agreed amount.

What to expect when you hire Stefano to record in your session?
As with live gigs, I will need to know the dates you require my services in the studio. I will also need any copies of the songs, any charts you might have that will aid in preparation for the studio. Studios time and an engineer cost a lot of money. So I like to ensure I do not allow any additional unexpected time. I then go away and rehearse the songs until it’s as if they’re my own. When invited to the studio, I expect that you’ve already tracked some of the instruments, and that you are ready for me to record. Once recordings are finalised, and you are happy with my service, I will invoice you for our agreed amount.